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MIAMI.FL., Mar. 17, 2018 - Aiming to enrich the direct lives on a massive scale of social media users globally by March 20, 2019, OneWoman Army announces a unique social responsibility initiative called “Happy365: Experience Your Happy.” This initiative, set to start on International Happiness Day this year (Mar. 20), seeks to raise online users consciousness of their daily levels of happiness, while helping the participants create and experience new habits of happy positive emotions on a regular daily basis.

According to the 2018 World Happiness Report released by the United Nations, the United States occupies the 18th position among the happiest countries. A dramatic drop from the 3rd place that it held back in 2007, despite being the 5th richest country in the world today. The data suggest that negative emotions among people in most countries, are at its all-time high, including depression.

“Experts define happiness in a number of ways, but in my personal and professional experience as a Strategic Happiness Coach, happiness is the absence of negative emotions.” said Amelia Martinez Holt, better known in the digital space as the OneWoman Army. “Even though on the outside it may seem like happiness is different for everybody, on the inside its the same feeling for all.”

A primary focus of Happy365: Experience Your Happy initiative is driving positive changes in the lives of participants with the goal of creating new habits and patterns of positive emotions and experiences of happiness into their lifestyles by March 20, 2019. The only way to decrease the focus in what we don’t want, is to drastically and intentionally shift focus to what we want,”-

said Ms. Holt. The initiative will deploy neuro-strategies and mindfulness-based social emotional lessons.

OneWoman Army, Inc. based in Miami, is a leading public speaking and coaching boutique providing solutions to individuals, group, business executives and enterprisers in the subject of happiness exclusively.

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