Why OneWoman Army and What does it mean as a Company


It was November 11th, 2017, when OneWoman Army as a company was born, as silly as sometimes great ideas that change the world come.  I was at a local park with my 2 younger children and since we were wearing cammouflage pants to celebrate Veterans Day, I asked somebody to take a picture of us with my Iphone:  "Excuse me sir, can you please take a picture of this OneWoman Army and her little platoon of happy people?" -I said, as I was gathering the kiddos for one more memory together.

As I was smiling, ready for the picture while the nice man was figuring out from where exactly to take his best shot, I realized in my head that I had just discovered a name that represented that part of the community that is constantly multitasking, with many more things going on their plates than the are supposed to be dealing with.  Those wonderful people, that life itself had confused with the movie character "Rambo", in terms of the size of their challenges, responsibilities, opportunities and lessons. 

A thought quickly rushed into my head to reveal how OneWoman Army is not a gender "thing", or a circumstance, but a somewhat exhausting lifestyle that many of us (women and men alike) can only scape with major shifts of conciousness in their daily choices. 

And just like that, OneWoman Army was born as the happy company it is today, offering practical and sustainable solution to the overachievers, well-intended but overly-stressed and overly-streched people of our world, that will help them to shift from having to do it all, to focus on doing only all that they happily want to. 

Our mission is clear: happiness. And it is my commitment to deliver flawlessly every time.