Happiness is Like a Heartbeat, Isn't It?

As a result of the launch on March 20th of Happy365: Experience Your Happy, I have been acutely aware of my own level of daily happiness.  In our Instagram account I post the fun exercise for the day and I have noticed that just keeping that exercise on my mind during the day is helping to be more mindful of things we don't usually pay attention to.  So far so good!

But yesterday afternoon, I dear person call me to tell me some news that honestly I did not care to know. It was like re-opening a little pandora box of emotions, and in that instance, I felt myself forgetting all the happiness I was feeling.  It disappeared in one instant.  "Don't say anything else"-I begged "I don't want to hear anything about that subject ever again please".  This person responded:  "Oh, I thought you were over it all. That you left it in the past!".

And just like that I realized that our inner world does not know the difference between present, past and future. When we let our focus go somewhere, out all inner emotions travel in that direction!  I immediately began changing my focus.  I found myself repeating #Happy365's exercise of the day more frequently.  I focused in completely unrelated subjects and areas of my present and future that are going great. 

Little by little I was able to elevate my inner level of happiness, as the news dissipated to the back of my brain..but no completely, the discomfort continues today on and off...maybe because I kept reminding to myself that I wanted to share that experience with you, to keep #Happy365 as real as possible. 

But what I have started to notice is that happiness behaves much like our heart, and if we have a good level of happiness for the most part of the day, that's healthy.  The more we practice, the more we bring our intentions to happiness, the easier it will get until one day the emotions that will meet any "unwelcomed" news we receive will be our positive emotions, perhaps. 

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