What I Learned About Happiness at the #MarchForOurLives

I can't imagine doing anything else these days other than focusing on happiness.  I don't think its a coincidence in my life given the events happening around us.

Mother Theresa once shared "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations.  I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there".  I attended such a pro-peace rally, initiated by the pure intention of our youth, organized by our youth and led by our youth on March 24th, 2018. 

I had the unique opportunity to speak with many children survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Highschool mass shooting and some of their parents.  I could see that the recent pain did not translate into negative emotions, but empowered the positive emotions that characterize the nature of a new generation that is reorganzing the priorities in the lives of many.

One wise young girl that prefers to stay anonymous told me: "My parents feel that we have been left with the job of defending our rights, because their generation had not done the job for us. I tell them regardless, they instilled on us the self-confidence that was evident with this March and that has set our stance as a generation.  And as a result, they have succeded in their parenting approach and we can take it from here."

My eyes watered with her remarks and my heart was so touch by her words.  Yes, we as a generation stand on top of the other, always advancing, getting farther, making progress.  The measurement of our lives in the past has been "success", especifically financial success.  Not anymore.

We have learned first hand what success without happiness feels like.  What success without fulfillment looks like and we have discovered it to be the ultimate failure.  Happy is the new formula for sucess.  It's simple, attainable and sustainable, and our younger generations are already embracing it for their lives.  It's a good (and everyday happier) world after all.

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