Your Favorite Holidays Is More Related to Your Values Than What You Would Think

"What are your favorite holidays?" -Did a journalist once asked me at an interview about a business I had co-founded that manufactured scrapbooking products for the Latin market. In those days I cared a lot more than I do today about what other people would think of me, so it took me a minute to respond "Oh there are so many!"

I am embarrassed to say that I said couple of religious traditional festivities because I thought that was what my Latin tribe wanted to hear then.  I knew what holidays were my favorite, but because some people may have thought they were "cheesy" I did not say what I really wanted to on that ocassion.

Luckily I have evolved, and now I tell to anybody who cares to hear it, what my favorite holidays are:  Thanksgiving, Valentine's and now International Day of Happiness (and not necessarily in that order).  This last holiday I just added this year but just the thought of being able to go freely to anybody and say "Happy Happiness Day!" makes my soul sing.  

But in giving a second thought, it is very clear that my favorite days of the year have all a meaning to me that reflects the values that are most important to me:  love, gratitude and happiness.   So pick 2 or 3 of the holidays or favorite days of the years for you and see what meaning do they really have for you.  You would be surprised to realize what they have in common with your most important values.  

Our birthday day?  I did not count that one because the meaning of that one is self-confidence and self-acceptance, and I know that we all are very accepting and believe in ourselves. If you would like to take a refresher practice on confidence and self-acceptance, please let me know and I will be happy to help!