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Why Happy365?

We all want to be happy, but very few have been able to crack the code to true and sustainable happiness. Many have settled only for happy moments here and there, and that is not happiness per se. The main reason we can’t put all that we know about happiness is that we don’t know how. We don’t know what to do or where to start.  In the meantime, the level of unhappiness, negative emotions and depression are at its all-time high.  We all know it, we all feel it, but many of us feel like we have more important things to accomplish.  The famous “I’ll be happy when ___”.  And just like that we are in our deathbed, looking at our lives in retrospect just to realize that happy was just right underneath our noses and now, there is no time. The time is now.  Our health needs it, our dear owns need us to be happier, the world need it. And your life will transform forever.

Join, Participate and Share



Imagine that it is March 20, 2019 and you have felt happy daily for 365 days in a row? How confident, empowered, grateful, compassionate, joyful and creative you have become?  In which way are you now able to touch, move and inspire your family, your friends, your co-workers and everyone who comes in contact with you?

Been happy is not your right or your duty, it’s simply your next step.  Become the happier version of you.

Join #Happy365 !


You will not have to do this alone! Amelia will be your coach and also, your companion in your happy journey.  Everyday Amelia will be making a short posting with a call of action for the day and an inquire about your level of happiness for the day.  This is a fun, practical and experiential journey and your participation is highly encouraged.  Just like going to the gym, the more active you can be the better the results!


How would our world be, if by March 20, 2019 there were one more million of genuine happy people? We all need and deserve to be happy.  Help 3 people you know to be free from unhappiness by inviting them to join Happy365, so they can invite their own tribe of 3 and help us achieve our social-responsibility goal of one million people in one year!  
Applying this friendly rule of three, the Dominican Republic got their freedom as a country in 1844. Now it is our turn to gain freedom from unhappiness, once and for all and your help is needed.