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“hey, My name is Amelia

What would it mean to you, if you could help exchange your modern-day stress for inner peace, inner knowing and inner freedom?

Unlock the abundant life and meaningful business you love.

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Who Am I?

Hey There! My name is Amelia Martinez. I’m an Integrated-Life and De-stress Expert. Give me your fears, give me your limitations and i’ll give you exponential results and complete transformation. Here are some of the expertise I bring to the table:

  • Accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Practitioner and Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Certified Neuroscience Coach

  • Certified TimeLine Therapy® Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Executive and Professional Success Coaching

  • Business Results Coaching

  • Financial Prosperity Coaching

  • Holistic Health and Optimal Wellness Coaching

  • Kriya Yoga Meditation Practitioner

  • Certified Reiki MasterFormer business lawyer

  • Master negotiator

  • Busy mom of 4 awesome kiddos and 3 pets

It took me few decades to became who I wished I had near, when I needed this kind of transformative guidance the most.

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