Muse® Meditation Band

Muse® Meditation Band


Keep calm with this leading-edge technology meditation headband, perfect for anyone looking to start, improve or deepen their inner-development practice. Muse® offers you real soothing sounds from the great outdoors to gently guide your focus back to a meditative state: when your mind starts to focus on its thoughts, the weather sounds intensifies allowing you a real-time feedback on the activity of your mind.

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  • Muse® Meditation Band Includes: Muse® headband, micro-USB charging cable and quickstart guide
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Achieve a new level of #happy in your life with the Muse Meditation Headband. This Hi-Tech tool uses a range of sensors that will actually read your mind while in a meditative state. Paired with an app in your phone it will play soothing sounds from mother nature (trees in the forest, rain, moving sea water), at the same time it will provide you with real-time feedback on your brain state, increasing the level of the sounds when it detects that your brain starts to step away from your meditation.

With just 3 minutes a day Muse will scan your brain, get you into a more relaxed state and create the habit to use it regularly.

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